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What EVERY Local Business Needs To Know To Prosper and Grow in 2020…




You have a fantastic local business

A business you feel passionate and excited about. A business you know provides great service – and a genuine benefit and value to your customers. Other people have even told you how good you are.

Yet, I’m going to take a guess one of your biggest worries and constant concerns is how to attract new customers to your business – and how to get existing ones coming back for more.

Unlike some people, I DON’T think all the “old school” more traditional ways of marketing and promoting business are totally dead. They just need a slightly different approach.

What I DO believe is anyone who doesn’t have an online presence and strategy is making it much harder for themselves to reach their potential – not to mention of course, their customers!

It’s about enhancing, not totally eliminating, your current offline sales and marketing strategies.

As an Online Marketing Consultant I work with local businesses to make sure your online presence and strategy fits and works seamlessly within your “main” business. To make sure your website is a powerful business building tool – and not something you just have because you’ve been told you need one.

Making sure it consistently delivers real and measurable results for your business.

There’s SO much more to Getting Local Business Online than just creating a website for your business – see the Services page for more info – but this a great place to start.


A website that works for your business

You need to have an online presence and strategy…
… where people can find your business when they “Google” your local service or product

… you can add to your business cards, flyers, leaflets, print ads, shop front, vehicle – in fact anywhere you currently promote/market your business

… which allows you to build relationships and communicate with your potential and existing customers

… to let your customers know about special offers or events you have coming up

… giving your customers all the information they need to know to make a “buying decision”

… that makes your phone ring more because customers can find you and “check you out” online

… that makes your business stand out “head and shoulders” above your competitors.

A great product or service, plus a regular flow of new customers, plus a loyal band of clients who buy again and again, equals a thriving and profitable business.


Why a website is only just the start

Getting Local Business Online is not just about building your website, handing it over and disappearing off into the sunset!

Just like your business, a great website cannot standstill. It should always be moving forward, adapting and evolving.

So this is a long-term relationship – not a one night stand!

I will keep you regularly updated and informed with my free Monthly Newsletter – showing you more and more ways you can use your website and a targetted online marketing strategy as a hugely effective business building tool.

For lots more information, including pricing – check out the FAQ Page here

I have a Money Back Guarantee which means if you don’t like the website I create for you, there is no charge. So don’t put it off any longer than you have already – Contact Me now…


At the very least, grab a copy of my exclusive special report “How to Get More Clients… Spending More Money… More Often… in Your Business”

– jam packed with essential tips, tactics and strategies you can use to explode your business in a matter of weeks or even days. (There are also lots of ideas you can use without a website too!)

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Thanks for reading this far and I hope to hear from you – but if I don’t, I wish you all the very best in your business…




Customology is the new name and home for Getting Local Business Online – click here now to find out more