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If you have already read my Home Page you will understand how important I believe it is for EVERY local independent businesses to have an effective website online these days. Or should I say, for those looking to grow their business, attract new customers and get existing ones coming back for more!

However I do realise that not every business needs all the features and functionality of a full Getting Local Business Online website.

GLBO Website Express websiteFor some, just fulfilling the minimum expectations will be enough.

And these expectations are that your customers will be able to find you online to find out…

i) what exactly it is you have to offer
ii) where are you
iii) when are you open, and
iv) how to contact you

So for these businesses, I have created… GLBO-Express

What is GLBO-Express?

GLBO-Express is a slimmed down version of a regular GLBO website.

It still looks every bit as clean, fresh and professional as one of my regular websites (see my Case Study), but at only 2 pages it will be more of a static site, designed to answer the majority of questions a customer is likely to be “asking” when they are trying to find out more about you online.

What type of businesses is a GLBO-Express website suitable for?

GLBO-Express is perfect for all businesses which need a basic presence online, and for which a more extensive website would have no real benefit.

Businesses such as;
Take-aways (not restaurants)
Fish and Chip shops
Pubs without restaurants
Independent grocers (unless you want to actively encourage your customers to come and spend more money with you more often)
Charity shops
Chemists (unless you have a big retail section you want to promote)
Shoe repairers

… businesses where the average spend is quite low and you don’t particularly have to build a high level of credibility before someone will at least give your products or services a “try”. And of course once you get them into your business, I’m sure they will want to come back!

How much does a GLBO-Express website cost – and what do I get for that?

The cost is just £500 – half that of a regular website.

You will get two pages, one of which will be a general introduction about what you have to offer and maybe a little bit about yourself and how you came to get started in the business. (A combination of a Home and About Us page on a regular website if you like).

The second page might be a Contact Us page with all your details, including a Google Map so your customer can see exactly where you are and how to get to you. Or, if for example you have a Take-away or Fish and Chip shop, you may want to include your menu on the second page.

The website design will look just as up-to-date and professional as any other regular GLBO website – and in a style to match your particular business. If however you want it to match your existing look, logo or branding exactly, it may cost a little more to get the graphics done.

Most importantly your website will be made to the latest ‘responsive design‘ specifications which means it will adapt and present itself properly on all different devices and screens – including tablets and mobile phones.

I will show you how to make any amendments or updates yourself (it’s really not too difficult), or I will be able to do them for you for a very reasonable rate.

A possible update may be to change prices from time to time if you decide to post a menu or list of services on your website.

It is also set up in exactly the same ways as a regular GLBO website to be visible and “attractive” to Google.

Although it cannot be expected to be as effective as a regular GLBO website (because it only has two pages and Google favours sites with more “content”) – this will help you to be found easily whenever anyone searches for your business directly by name.

Are there any other costs involved with a GLBO-Express website?

There is an additional £15 cost for buying your website domain name and annual renewal fee of £100 (first due 12 months after your website is launched) which includes hosting charges and annual renewal of the website domain name.

Any amendments carried out during the first month will be free of charge as I want to make sure you are completely happy with your website.

There is no monthly management fee as with a regular GLBO website, but any updates (which you are unable to do yourself) will be chargeable and there will not be the ongoing marketing advice and support I provide for my regular GLBO website clients.

I will however always be available by phone to answer any questions you may have about your website and to give feedback on any ideas you may have about how to better promote your business.

I have a business that would ideally benefit from a regular GLBO website, but I only want to spend £300. Would you build me a GLBO-Express website?

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be prepared to do that because I don’t believe it would bring any real value to your business – and in fact it would be a waste of £200 rather than a saving.

It is not my business just to “build” a website for your business. I only want to create something that will be a valuable asset and a powerful business-building tool. An effective website that will have the best chance of converting visitors in to customers – and bring a very real return for your investment.

There are really only a handful of different types of websites, but it’s vital to match the right type of website for the right type of business. It would be wrong of me, and “bad advice”, to take your money and build a website which would bring no benefit for your business.

If you have any doubts whether a GLBO-Express website would be right for your business, please get in touch and I will be happy to give you a genuine and honest opinion.

I could be interested, what happens next?

Simply get in touch and we can arrange to get together to talk about what we need to say about your business on your website and how it might look.

If you’ve read this far, you must have at least thought about how having an online presence might be able to help your business – or that you maybe need to try something a little different to help to reach your full potential.

I have a Money Back Guarantee which means if you don’t like the website I create for you, there is no charge. So don’t put it off any longer than you have already – Contact Me now…

For certain businesses, GLBO-Express offers a fabulous opportunity to get a high quality, low maintenance, affordable website – giving customers that all important great first impression when searching for your business online.