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Like a jigsaw, there can be many pieces that come together to create an effective online presence and strategy for your business.

Unlike a jigsaw, the pieces will be slightly different and unique for every business.

The final picture will then be one that most closely resembles your business – or more importantly the business you want it to be.

Here is a brief look at some of the possible “pieces of the puzzle” – we can look at, talk about and, if necessary and relevant, put into place for your business…

– Creating an attractive, stylish, intuitive to use website, your customers AND Google will love. A website that doesn’t just “look” good, but gets results based on a what we want it to achieve for your business.

All websites are made in a Customer Management System (CMS) called WordPress which means I can show you how to do your own minor updates and changes quickly and easily. (But only if you want to of course!)

Great effort and care is taken to match any existing branding, logos or colour schemes your existing business might have. We want it to be recogniseable and reassuringly familar to your customers, old and new.

See my Case Study for a more detailed understanding of the thought process that goes into making every GLBO local business website.

And if you know you need some kind of web presence, but not necessarily the level of a full Getting Local Business Online website – then check out the GLBO-Express option

Existing Websites
– For local businesses who already have a website, but feel it is having no real benefit to their business at all, I can do a full in depth analysis of the website and produce a detailed report of suggested alterations and amendments.

Rarely does this mean building a brand new website. Usually, it’s a list of improvements centred on the SEO of the website and also the overall visitor experience.

The overall look of the website IS important, but not as much as its functionality, the story it shares about your business – and that it leads to the action you most want your visitor to take.

However if we do think about the appearance of your website for a moment – have you checked out how it looks on mobile phones? The experience and expectations of a mobile user are very different to someone on a pc or laptop. Click here to find out more – GLBO-Mobile

Search Engine Optimisation is what goes on “behind the scenes” of your website to try and make it stand out to Google when they are deciding which websites to display in their visitors search engine results.

A high level of basic SEO is built in to every GLBO local business website. For any business in a more competitive market who really wants to feature highly on Google, we can identify the best ways to achieve this – and suggest a plan of action.

Social Media
– Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, to mention a few! – where do you begin? Well, certainly not with more than one or two different “channels”.

If using Social Media is the right approach for your business (it’s a fantastic strategy for most local businesses, but not for all), we can talk about the options, get you started and show you how to use most it effectively.

Video Marketing
– Having a video about your business on your website will make you stand out head and shoulders above all other local businesses. You will leave a much stronger impression on your customer because hardly anyone else is doing it yet.

There are many different forms a video can take and it certainly doesn’t have to involve you talking face to face to the camera.

Below is a fairly basic, but very effective slide-show video I did for a local business. And on the Home Page here at my website you may have seen a slightly different approach to a slide-show video. (The video below was made in HD – so you may be able to improve the quality if this doesn’t come up as the default in your player)

Of course you can use moving video footage too – and the VERY best video you can possibly have on your website is a collection of “live” testimonial clips from existing happy and satisfied customers.

Relationship Marketing
– This is probably THE most exciting and powerful aspect about the potential of the internet.

I generally hate using cliches, but it really does “level the playing field” between large and smaller businesses.

Now, every business is able to start to build a connection and rapport with prospects BEFORE they “buy” – and develop an even stronger bond and relationship with existing customers.

I’ve heard it referred to as the “humanisation” of business.

This is the difference between just “having a website” and having an hugely effective business building tool.

An asset, not just an extra cost for your business.

Social Media, which we’ve briefly touched upon, is one way to do this – but there are many other ways too. This includes; blogs, emails, newsletters, SMS messaging, coupons, targetted offers, special events, loyalty schemes, etc.

As with Social Media, you definitely DON’T need to be doing them all, just the ones which most suit your business. And I do have to say some of these strategies work much better with certain types of businesses than others.

Other Services
– There are other services I introduce in my newsletters to clients and to business owners who download my free “More Customers” report.

Also I am always keeping up to date and researching all the latest developments and activity on the web and feeding back to my clients if I feel it is something that could benefit their business.