5 Business Booming Benefits – Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of this week’s 5 Business Booming Benefits Of An Effective Website – let’s jump straight in…

3) It creates confidence and trust
There is an increasing expectation for a business to have a website – and even a concern or doubt if there isn’t one.
If you don’t yet have an online presence for your business, you will be losing some potential business to a competitor who does.
When a business has a website it is seen as being more professional and serious – more modern and dynamic – more established and less “fly by night”.
This is especially important if you don’t have many years of business experience and contacts to rely on – or maybe you are mobile and don’t have a premises where your customer can visit you.

I do try to resist clichés – (“it’s a real no-brainer”… “it’s been a journey”… and the one that really makes me cringe… “it’s been an emotional rollercoaster”) – BUT I just can’t keep this one in!
Having a website really does “level the playing field” for your local business to compete with much larger companies and organisations. In fact it will usually raise you above the larger businesses because you will provide a level of personal service they cannot even get close to.

And talking of service… a website is a marker of the level of customer service you offer throughout the rest of your business. If someone can go to your website and quickly and easily find the information they want – this will deliver that all important, positive first impression.
Whether they are looking for your address, telephone number, opening hours or details of your service – they will now have the information they need to take the next step.

And it’s a bit of a misnomer that only people under 40 are searching for information on the web. The older generation are catching up and becoming much more web savvy all the time.
My Mum, who’s in her late – sorry – mid-sixties, says how frustrating it is when she goes on a website to find contact details and opening hours for a business – and really struggles to find them.
She says unless they are a business she already knows and trusts, she will click away and look to find someone else.

Having a website for your business increases your credibility and inspires confidence and trust in a prospect or customer who is “looking to buy”.
And it is with “pre-selling and preparing to buy” that we pick up tomorrow – on Day 4 of our 5 Business Booming Benefits Of An Effective Website.

I look forward to seeing you then


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