Seven Rules to Make Your Local Business Website Convert Better

One of the biggest mistakes local independent businessesĀ make when they get their website online is they think having a website is all they need to grow their business using the internet.
Unfortunately it is usually a little more difficult than that.
You see it’s no good having hundreds of visitors every single month to your site if none of them turn into customers.
Below are seven ‘conversion’ rules you can check out and see if your site adheres to them. If not you might want to consider making sure your site makes use of as many of the tips below as possible.

Conversion Rule One – Layout

Is your web site easy to read and follow? Or when someone lands on it do they have to click around a few times before they find your price list or opening times? You want to make your site as easy to navigate as possible.
Do they have clear ways to be contacted above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ means when someone lands on your web site do they have to scroll down to find your contact information, prices or contact details. If they do have to scroll down you might want to put the important information like prices etc above the fold (ie towards the top of the web site)
Is the content mashed into one big chunk or broken up well into short paragraphs and therefore easy to read? If people land on a web site and it is blocked together in large chunks of text they are more likely to leave the web site as it looks like more ‘work’ to read through it than if it was short paragraphs.
Are there graphics that represent what the company does? For example a leaking tap for a plumber, scissors for a hairdresser etc. Graphics like these help conversion. Be careful on the images though. You only need one or two. Too many can make the site load slowly.

Conversion Rule Two – Headline

Do you have a powerful headline that speaks directly to what the customers problem is and how they can solve it?
The headline needs to capture the visitors attention. You will do that by speaking to the visitors problem directly. You need to get inside the head of someone using the internet to find your service. What would they want to see for them to decide your business is the one they should deal with?
Bad headline: Plumbers Based In Halifax. Established 1998.

Good headline: 24 Hour Plumber Based In Halifax. No Fix No Fee.
Guaranteed To Arrive Within The Hour.
The second headline is great because it outlines the benefits for the customer who picks your service. ‘No fix no fee’ for example is a great benefit for someone who is looking for a trustworthy plumber.

Conversion Rule Three – Credibility

Do you establish credibility and show you are a real business? How long have you been in business in Halifax for? Are there any pictures of your premises? Videos of staff or services? For example a hairdresser in Halifax could add a picture of the front of their hairdressers as well as some pictures of the members of staff.

Conversion Rule Four – Bullet Points

People will land on your web site, read the headline and then scan through bullet points before reading the rest of the site. So are there benefit laden bullet points on your web site? A bullet point is a one or two sentence line of text on your web site that really stands out.
Bullet points should be a benefit not a feature.
A seat belt is a feature of a car

A seat belt has the benefit of stopping serious injuries in car accidents
Chiropractor feature: Set in a nice building

Chiropractor benefit: Free from back pain
If you sell a service or products ask yourself what benefits will someone get from using them and you over your competition?

Conversion Rule Five – Special Offers?

What makes you the best option over your competition?

Is it price? Is it special offers?
* 24 hour call out
* 50% off first haircut
* First lesson – Pay Nothing
* Half an hour without paying on your first massage
Whatever it is you need to say it. Special offers are the best way to get a customer to come and try the service.

So offer some kind of deal for the first time they use your business.

Conversion Rule Six – Testimonials

Are there testimonials from previous customers? Testimonials are comments from previous customers. They provide social proof to people searching for a local business by showing them that previous customers are happy with their experience of doing business with you.
Video testimonials are the best. Then audio. Then written. If you haven’t been doing so you should ask your customer what comments they have about your business that you can add to your web site.
Ideally testimonials will be about specific results. For example take a look at hypothetical testimonials for an imaginary chiropractors in Halifax:
Good: ‘I visited Gary’s Chiropractor surgery and within 3 sessions my back pain was cured. It’s been bugging for me ten years and Gary had me ‘fixed’ in 3 weeks!’

Ok: ‘I thoroughly recommend Gary’s Chiropractors!’

Below average (but better than nothing): ‘Lovely surgery’

Conversion Rule Seven – General Rule

Does your web site capture the attention of the visitor, let them know you understand their problem and have the solution, offer them proof you can help and explain why you are a unique service?
If not you need to make sure it does. You need to provide costs, opening times and why you are the best choice over your competition in theĀ area.
I hope this article helps but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck


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