5 Business Booming Benefits – Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 and today I’m going to start by sharing something that may be a revelation to some.
An effective business website actually has two very different, but equally valuable elements.
Most people just see a website as being a “marketing tool” and in doing so completely miss a huge part of what it offers your business.
What is often missed is that an effective website is also… a time and labour saving “business tool”.
Which element is more important to you will depend on your business – and what you most want your website to do for you. Often there is an overlap between the two.

In the first 3 days, we mainly looked the “marketing” benefits, including how;
– just having a website can make you stand out from your competitors
– you will be seen as one of the most serious and professional businesses in your market place – and an “expert” in your field
– it provides instant credibility and builds huge confidence and trust with prospects
– it acts as an online business card or brochure, to showcase your talents
– quality, relevant and easy to find information on your site demonstrates the level of service your customer will experience when they do business with you
– including your website address on your business cards, flyers and print ads, makes your business seem more professional – even if they never visit your site!

So how can a website be an effective “business tool” as well as a “marketing tool?”
Well we touched on one of the ways yesterday, when I mentioned how important it is for someone to be able to go to your website and find all the information they need.

If they can find out where you are, what time you’re open and what you can do for them – they are not taking up your valuable time, contacting you to find out.
And they won’t get peeved off if you don’t answer the phone because you’re engaged, busy with another customer or closed half day on Wednesday!
Of course the purpose is not to dissuade people from contacting you or so that you never have to talk to anyone ever again, but to give people the option.

So this finally brings us onto our penultimate Business Booming Benefit – and yes, this and our fifth benefit tomorrow, are both counted as business tools.

4) It pre-sells and prepares to buy
All the things we have mentioned so far this week are a part of this process.
If your prospect has a good experience at your website, by the time they contact you they will be ready and eager to sign on the dotted line.
OK, it may not be quite as easy as that – they will want to know you can provide them exactly what they want, within a certain time frame at an acceptable price – but they are definitely what you’d call a hot business lead.
You won’t have to persuade or sell to them, because your website has already told them you are the company they would prefer to do business with.

You might not think a simple “informational” website can be that powerful – but it can. This is because they have found you on line, or tapped in your web address from your flyer, etc – and they are looking for what you are offering.
Are you now starting to see possibilities and opportunities for your business?

Tomorrow in our fifth and final article of the week, I reveal without doubt the Biggest Business Booming Benefit An Effective Website can bring to your business


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