About GLBO

Hi I’m Alan and I live in Todmorden on the West Yorkshire / Lancashire border.

My background is in high volume retail and until a few years ago I was a senior manager in a business with a turnover of £70m – and 200 employees.

However I was becoming increasingly unchallenged and unfulfilled in my career – and a favourable change in family circumstances, gave me the opportunity to leave my job – and begin building my own business from home.

After studying internet marketing and starting to build an online business – I found that the most successful marketers / business owners (because we are all marketers) – worked hard to build genuine relationships – and provide great value – to their clients. And this is a way of doing business I love.

Far from being a threat to local businesses – the internet is a powerful tool you can use to… “punch massively above your weight”. It provides a means for smaller businesses not only to compete with the Big Boys… but to beat them hands down.

It makes me sad when I see white-washed windows – or a boarded up door, where an independent, small, local business used to be. Usually I know what they had to “offer” was of great quality and value – so it can only be the sharing of their “message” that let them down.

I am passionate to champion, support and promote small local businesses… and to prove what huge part a website and a simple internet marketing strategy, can play in your future success.
Building your business website is only the very beginning.

As part of our ongoing relationship, I show you how to make your online presence your most effective marketing / business building tool – and at a fraction of the price you’ve been paying for offline marketing.

For a free, 15 minute, no obligation chat about what a website could do for your business – why not get in touch here

I would love to speak to you.

All the very best for your business,


Online Marketing Consultant


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