5 Business Booming Benefits Of An Effective Website

Starting today and every day for the rest of this week, I am going to bring you FIVE of the Biggest Business Booming Benefits an Effective Website – mixed with a few simple online marketing strategies – will bring to your business.
You see, just putting up a couple of pages and calling it “a website”, is no longer enough.
But don’t worry, I’m not trying to kid you it’s difficult to create an effective online presence – actually it’s just common sense.
It’s all about the way you share your message with your customer – as if you are in the same room together and talking face to face. I have some real life examples a little later on to show you exactly what I mean.

So let’s start the week ahead with our first benefit – and it’s a big one…

1) It makes your business stand out
I heard a report on the radio recently which said, 80% of UK businesses now have a website. From my own research and experience, I would say the number of independent local businesses with websites – is currently much lower.
Of the 200+ businesses who regularly advertise in the excellent Go Local magazine in my local area, only slightly more than 50% currently have a website. And these are businesses obviously quite “savvy” and proactive in their marketing.

If you provide a product or service in a sector where the majority of your competitors don’t have their own website, your business will stand out “head and shoulders” above them. You become one of the premier business providers in your field – and are seen as a “professional” in your area of expertise.
If you provide a product or service in a sector where the majority of your competitors already do have a website, getting your own presence online is a bare minimum requirement. But even here, it is still easy to have a website that stands out.
You see, many business website are little more than “contact pages” and don’t attempt to “connect and engage” with the customer at all. They may explain what they do – but not what they can do for their customer.

Here are a couple of examples – one bad, one good – to show you what I mean… Click Here… when you have finished reading the last part of today’s post.

So “standing out” is not just about having a website, but about how you share your message with your prospects and customers.

Finally, being able to include a website address on your business cards, flyers and print ads – is just as important a benefit as being “found” when people search for you online.

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned how important it is to make sure your website stands out by looking better than all your competitors. That’s because it doesn’t!
Yes, it’s important it looks sharp and clean and not cheap and tacky, but having the flashiest, fanciest website can often have a detrimental effect.

More about this tomorrow when I will be back with the second Business Booming Benefit Of An Effective Website – Providing a perfect introduction.


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